EDELO: Where Art Becomes a Catalyst for Change

Art is more than an aesthetic medium—it can function as a platform for dialogue, a potent call to action, and a radical expression of truth. EDELO, “En Donde Era La Onu” or “Where The United Nations Used To Be,” embodies this philosophy. Born out of a turbulent global context, EDELO refuses to treat art as trivial, passive entertainment. Instead, it presents art and space as explorative works that can inspire individual creation and societal transformation.

EDELO’s Mission: Returning to the Essence of Creation

Using art as its primary tool, EDELO seeks to channel the sheer power of creative expression to address critical societal issues. It encourages creators and viewers alike to reclaim their roles as active participants in current discourses. The sphere of artists actively contribute by creating artworks that reflect their perspectives on the world, captivating viewers’ attention and encouraging them to think critically.

The EDELO Space: Art Actually Comes to Life

From organizing live drawing sessions and exhibitions to fostering collaboration with immigrant students, EDELO provides a prolific ground where art and social realities merge. This is evident in the “Embassy of the Refugee” and “Space Program”, which are projected to be defining platforms where art meets social engagement.

The Oakland Mural Festival in 2018 is the embodiment of this unique merger where EDELO’s mission came to life in vibrant, large-scale murals that narrated stories untold.

EDELO and Activism: Painting Sociopolitical Landscapes

EDELO’s reach goes beyond galleries, extending its influence to the streets and into the heart of the community. Its projects—the interventions in vehicles taken by parents and students demanding justice, performances carried out in partnership with the migrant community of La 72 Migrant House—reflect a powerful artistic response to injustices.

EDELO also recognizes indigenous voices with their collaboration on “K-KYONK’LAL JA’ A’ “(Mayan Mam = Life is Water), created by recent immigrant youth supporting Standing Rock.

Exhibitions at EDELO: A Showcase of the World

“A World Where Many Worlds Fit” was one of EDELO’s notable exhibitions, featuring Zapatista arts at CASA DE LAS AMÉRICAS, Havana, Cuba. EDELO also explores borders in its exhibitions, such as “In Motion: Borders and Migrations,” which seeks to subvert the traditional perceptions of national borders, exploring its fluidity against the backdrop of multiculturalism and globalization.

Moreover, “Icons & Symbols of the Borderland – The Other Side” presents the region as a multi-faceted entity, illuminating diverse cultural underpinnings. Moreover, EDELO continues to showcase varied perspectives, like the edgy ONCOGRRRLS breast cancer exhibit held in La Gozadera DF, Mexico, revealing the visceral struggles of breast cancer patients.

EDELO’s Impact: Reshaping Communities Through Art

EDELO’s intertwined approach of art and activism is not contained within its space—it resonates profoundly in the communities involved. From manifestos against social injustice, interventions in protests, activities in the heart of migration and refugee issues – EDELO is not just a space where art is seen, but where art is lived.

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Above all, EDELO reaffirms that art has the capacity to produce devastatingly beautiful synergies with human narratives, nurturing a deep sense of empathy and empowerment among viewers and creators alike. As it continues its journey, EDELO undoubtedly has much more to show, envisioning a world transformed through the robust alliance of art, activism, and community engagement.